Look No Hands! Honda's Self Balancing Bike

Published 20-01-2017

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The Riding Assist feature harnesses Honda’s robotics expertise to create a bike that can balance on its own – stopping it from collapsing onto a rider.

It could spell the end of accidents while driving at low speeds – something even the most experienced motorcycle rider struggles with.

Motorbikes have a tendency to topple over due to their bulky nature, but Honda’s concept appears to stay perfectly upright without anything propping it up.

The tech could save bikers’ lives and the motoring industry billions of pounds, Honda Riding Assist Engineer Makoto Araki said.

It's a misconception that most accidents happen when bikes are speeding.

Accidents often occur when they are going between two and three miles-per-hour as the bike can topple over.

Honda haven't confirmed when the technology but it's like the technology will be used in its vehicles sometime soon.