North West Honda Motorcycles

At North West Honda we offer our customers the very best in all that is biking, stocking the complete range of new Honda motorcycles and scooters alongside a wide selection of approved used motorcycles from Aprilia to Yamaha. We pride ourselves on being one of the best motorcycle suppliers in the North West, which includes an extensive range of motorbike accessories and clothing. North West Honda has dealerships in Blackpool, Lancaster and Wigan.

New Bikes for sale

North West Honda offers a wide range of new bikes for sale accross the North West of the UK. Each offering design and performance characteristics to accommodate specific riding conditions. Showcasing everything from a practical scooter to suit your lifestyle and budget, to something that will take you on an adventure. Customer first is our focus here at North West Honda, our team of friendly Sales Advisors are committed to providing a first rate experience when purchasing your new bike.

New Honda Motorcycles

We can deliver anywhere in the UK, we can also collect your part exchange. The pricing for this service is not fixed so we can provide the best value.

Yes. We recommend you do! All you need is your driver’s licence showing you are qualified and to arrange a time and date that suits you.

All our new bikes come with a minimum 2 year manufacturer warranty including breakdown recovery. All used bikes that are no longer protected by their manufacturer’s warranty are supplied with 3 months cover. Extended cover from one to three years can be supplied and will include full AA assistance throughout the UK.

To help you buy the bike of your dreams, we offer many finance solutions to make purchasing easy and affordable to suit individual needs.

Yes, motorcycles of any make, age and condition as well as cars, caravans, motorhomes etc!

Aftermarket security systems like Datatag, Smartwater and Alphadot can make the difference between losing your bike forever and getting it back. Because villains know that they can’t sell the parts of a stolen bike on easily when it’s tagged with some sort of security marking they’ll pass it over and steal the unmarked bike in the next street instead. Even if your bike is stolen because it’s going to be given a fresh superficial identity these systems mean that if the Police run a check on that bike later on, they’ll be able to tell in real time whether that bike is suspicious or not, which means you stand a good chance of your bike being recovered.

This is dependent on your age. At 16 years old, once you have completed your CBT you can ride a moped. Over 17 and you can ride a machine no larger than 125cc - but no passengers can be carried and you must display L Plates. The certificate is valid for 2 years after which you will need to re-take a CBT course.

Then you will need to take Compulsory Basic training (CBT). If your choice is to ride a moped then your CBT will be valid until the date that your licence expires at 70 years of age. A valid CBT certificate will allow you to ride a motorcycle or scooter no larger than 125cc, but you must carry L plates and you may not carry a passenger. Your CBT certificate will be valid for 2 years from the date of issue.

If your licence was issued before 1st February 2001, then you can ride a 50cc moped, capable of not more than 30mph. Even though you may have little or no experience the law states that you will not need to display L plates, and you can carry a passenger if the motorcycle has a passenger seat and rear footrests. However, riding without any form of training is not to be advised - and a CBT offers a level of training which will include an assessment of your on road skills as well as teaching you control on an off road area... it is highly recommended that you take at least a CBT course before taking to the road. If you want to ride a motorcycle over 50cc, no larger than 125cc, you must take Compulsory Basic Training (CBT), you must display L plates, and you must not carry passengers until you have passed both parts of your motorcycle test.. The CBT certificate is valid for 2 years.

Unfortunately you do need to do a Motorcycle Theory test even if you have a theory test in another category. The law now requires you to pass a Theory test in the category for which you are being tested.

It is not necessary to do the theory test before you do your CBT - it just has to be completed before taking your test. It is worth taking a look at the Highway-code elements in preparation for your CBT course.

If you intend to gain a full motorcycle licence, you must sit a Motorcycle Theory Test. Book this directly with the Driving Standards Agency at or on 0300 200 1122. You do not need to do a theory test to sit the CBT.

While its not necessary to operate a motorcycle, it could be the difference between coming to a safe stop, and crashing. You will run into people who claim that you'll never learn proper emergency braking technique with an ABS equipped bike but in the heat of the moment you won't have time to think about those techniques, especially if you're a beginner. Most likely you don't have the training and reactions of Valentino Rossi, so why risk not having ABS?

We stock everything you need in our clothing and accessory shops including helmets, jeans, boots, leathers, jackets and gloves. Our friendly staff will advise you on the best kit for yourself.

Primarily, something you feel comfortable riding and not overwhelmed. We stock everything from a 50cc scooter to an 1800cc tourer, see our friendly sales team for help and advice.

North West Honda approved used motorcycles

At North West Honda we offer a wide range of approved used motorcycles and scooters, covering everything from simple commuter scooters all the way up to super sports thrill machines. We don’t only cover used Honda motorbikes; we have a wide selection of motorcycle manufacturers including Yamaha, Kawasaki and Suzuki. If you are interested in one of our bikes simply contact us to arrange a test ride.

Used Motorcycles For Sale

North West Honda Aftercare, Parts and Accessories

At North West Honda we believe that excellent service doesn't stop as soon as you pick up your motorcycle. Our servicing and after-sales teams have won many awards over the years and have had thousands of happy customers. We offer car and motorcycle parts at very competitive prices with delivery across the whole of the UK. Available to order online. If you need advice and assistance then our dedicated team are on hand to help.

If your motorcycle fails it’s test, you have to have it repaired to an acceptable standard before it can be re-tested and passed.

Checking the wheel alignment on a bike is a really useful skill, especially when you’re out there looking to buy a new machine and you want to make sure the frame isn’t bent and the forks are still straight.

The first thing you need is a straight edge and an eight foot fluorescent tube will give you that.

Next, clamp your straight edge against the front tyre, then very gently move the steering until the straight edge is touching the front edge of the rear tyre and measure the distance between the straight edge and the rear of the tyre, it’ll probably be about 10mm.

Now repeat the process on the other side and use the chain tensioners to set the gap so it’s equal.

Don’t use the chain adjuster marks to align the wheels. Instead, use this method, then turn the adjustment bolts equal turns, maybe a flat at a time to get the chain tension right.

Once the wheels are aligned, crouch down at the back of the bike and look down the chain run, if it’s out, then there’s something wrong with the chassis.

These days a lot of bikes have their ignition keys coded to the ECU to make it harder for thieves to get them going.

But that means you have to take extra special care of those keys because if you are unlucky enough to lose both keys you could need a new ECU at up to £1000.

The reason is that it’s often the case that two different companies make the ECUs and ignition system and the system is designed so that once it’s fired into life for the first time in the factory, it can’t be overwritten with a new code for obvious reasons.

However the systems do have a facility to introduce a new key to the system, providing you still have one key, but if they are both lost you’ve had it, so make sure you’ve always got a spare safe.

If you have some harsh vibrations or the steering feels loose or wobbly then your front wheel could be out of balance.

Those vibes will stress wheel bearings, make the tyre run hotter and could loosen various fasteners around your bike. A fitter can do it, or you can balance your tyres at home.

You want to counteract the weight causing an imbalance by adding weight directly opposite the heaviest point of the wheel.

These weights come in 5g or 10g sizes and are sticky-backed to keep them in place. Static balancers are widely available.

If your bike is cutting out mysteriously, especially when you try to select a gear or pull away for the first time, check out the sidestand cut-out switch.

It sits in a very exposed position low on the left and can often get crudded up or corroded with bad connections.

If your new bike is making an odd sound like a sort of squeaking noise, or rubbing sound, that comes and goes, check the relative positions of the footpeg and rear brake pedal.

It's all too easy to rest your foot on the rear brake pedal and ride the brake so much that the pads wear down to the metal. It may be intermittent because it depends when you use the brake.

If it is a grinding sound you need to get some new pads in pronto as the hard metal backing plate of the pads is grinding your disc down.

The rear end of a bike can slide for a number of reasons. Over-firm suspension dials out compliance and suppleness, making a bike's tyre do more work than the suspension itself.

This can cause the tyre to slide, through a loss of grip. Over-inflated tyres are also more prone to sliding because they have a smaller contact patch than they should.

Most manufacturers play it safe and recommend moderately high tyre pressures to account for a heavy rider and passenger a combination that places great strain on the sidewalls of under-inflated tyres.

Most riders, however, can get away with dropping the pressures a few psi. The rubber will wear out quicker, but you get more grip.

The high-tensile steel wire is also known as the bead and runs circumferationally around the inner part of the tyre.

Its job is to anchor the tyre on the rim so that the tyre can't creep on the wheel and also help to make it airtight. It's the reason why tyres are so hard to get onto the rim and seated corrected.

Yes we service and repair nearly all bikes.

Yes we can do it all from basic settings to complete overhauls including oils and re-gas.

Yes we repair for most leading insurers and independent consulting engineers.

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