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Cambelt Change £449 and MOT £49

Cambelt change offer

Lancaster Volkswagen likes to help keep your Volkswagen in the best condition possible, so to assist with the cost we are offering:

£449 cambelt change
Plus an MOT for £49

Your cambelt needs changing every 4 - 5 years (4 years for cars registered before September 2009, 5 years thereafter). This may need to be changed sooner for high mileage drivers.

Why do I need to change my cambelt?
The cambelt is one of the hardest working parts in your engine, driving major parts of the engine and keeping everything synchronised. Changing it prevents snaps, cracks and tears which in turn minimises the risk of major engine damage. If it is not changed the belt can go slack, making it snap or jump. This can cause severe damage to the engine. Your car will break down and could be very expensive to repair.

We will strip down the relevant parts of the engine and renew the cambelt and inspect the cambelt tensioner. We will change the tensioner if needed. Then we reassemble the engine and road test your car.

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